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Kim Svensson

Hello 👋

My name is Kim Svensson, b. 1995 in Sweden. I am a visual artist.

Section 0.1 displays art-related projects, mostly video. Section 0.3 displays other projects, mostly web-related. "Bio" in 0.4.

Here's my Vimeo

Section 0.1: Projects

Section 0.2: Publications

Section 0.3: Everything

Section 0.4: "Bio"/contact (with CV) + the rest



I'm Week (2021)

Index (Starring John the Radio Presenter) (2020)

Transmit (2019)

Faithful Phantom (2019)

The Infiltrator (2018)

Wishing Well (2017)

Untitled (2017)



Ekipaget (2019)

Tensions / Spänningar (2017)



On websites:

Website for artist Martin White - Big Science.

Designed and built the website for publisher Torpedo. Link!

Ongoing work involving design, identity and development of an online archive & database.

The site was featured on Cargo Collective's "Sites in Use".

Designed the the website for Torpedo on occasion of Printed Matter's Virtual Art Book Fair, 2021.



Currently pursuing a masters degree in design at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).

Email: kimsvensson.studio [at] outlook.com

Click here for CV

On music:

I Dj and produce electronic music by the name Kim Rider. There might be stuff on Soundcloud if lucky: soundcloud.com/djkimrider