Performing at Destiny’s Atelier, Oslo. Photo: Destiny’s Atelier.

Hanging on the Hinge, the Jonbar Hinge

Reading. (15 minutes).

Taking the phrase "Jonbar Hinge" as a point of departure, a phrase that describes the rather abrupt moment of when a choice are to be made between objects that lead to different future outcomes, an interruption of time. The performance utilizes a spoken-word format touching on the subjects of speculation, ambivalence and desire that draws loosely on several fiction works such as the books The Legion of Time (1938) by Jack Williamsson, A Sound of Thunder (1952) by Ray Bradbury and the film Matrix (1999). I bring my own "objects" which are my own voice and a metronome, creating a strict syntax as well as a conflict between voice and rhythm. The reading distabilizes the idea of a linear narrative due to the entangled stories, setting up/suggesting scenes of various sorts using possibilites and deadlocks deriving from the fragmented timescale in science fiction.

Kim Svensson, 2019