Hanging on the hinge, the Jonbar hinge

Work in progress

Jonbar hinge (or Jonbar point) is a phrase that describes the moment in a science fiction book where a choice between two objects are to be held; each object leads to different futures (often utopia or dystopia). Taking this rather abrupt and violent act in relation to counterfactual thinking (a term that’s related to Jonbar hinge although it lies in a retrospective thought (what if?)), timelines are abstracted as the infrastructures around the violent act of writing and reading are taken into consideration. The performance centres text in a meta-perspective around the subjects of speculation, decision-making and affect as it formulates a science fiction plot: a protagonist picks up the “wrong” object and ends up in a terrible future, but instead of irritating on his choice, he deliberates the very medium of the story itself; the text. The “objects” I bring with me are my own voice and a metronome which keeps and regulates the pace and rythm of my words, together they instead of leading to separation (as in a Jonbar hinge) they create an entity of narration and within the rythm brings in the audience as a collective body. I tell the story about a future where language have been destabilized to such an extent that only words of regret and speculation exists and coexists in a web of connections in order to make a meaning. The script are loosely based on the science fiction books The Legion of Time (1952) by Jack Williamson and A Sound of Thunder (1952) by Ray Bradbury. Although it seems that this world is “hanging on the hinge”, desire is something as present as everything else. The performance maybe ultimately asks; how many possible imaginations, re-readings and re-stagings of both the past and future are there to be held within the time and rythm frame of this staging?

Kim Svensson, 2019