(Performing at Destiny’s atelier, Oslo)

Hanging on the hinge, the Jonbar hinge

Narrative-performance. (15 minutes).

Taking the phrase "Jonbar Hinge" as a point of departure, a phrase that describes the rather abrupt moment of when a choice are to be made between objects that lead to different future outcomes, an interruption and rupture of time. The performance utilizes a spoken-word format touching on the subjects of speculation, ambivalence, resistance and desire that draws loosely on several fiction works such as the books The Legion of Time (1938) by Jack Williamsson, A Sound of Thunder (1952) by Ray Bradbury and the film Matrix (1999). I bring my own "objects" which are my own voice and a metronome which seeks the commonalities in narration, creating a strict syntax as well as a conflict between voice and rhythm. The piece distabilizes the idea of a linear narrative due to the entangled stories, setting up/suggesting scenes of various sorts using possibilites and deadlocks deriving from the fragmented timescale in science fiction.

Kim Svensson, 2018