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The Great White Silence

Slide projection and overhead projection.

Photographed images on black and white film and later contact-copied onto positive black and white slide film. Projected through a carousel slide projector.

The Great White Silence is an installation consisting of a slideshow and an ovherhead projection that takes it´s departure from images, paintings and fiction depicting the North and South poles.  The slideshow consists of 80 black and white slide images where archival material have been photographed, each image lacks any human presence except from the hands of the photographer holding the material for the camera. On the other side of the room, an overhead projector displays a serie of various notes which where written down or found toghether with the images as they were being photographed. 
The title of the work origins from a documentary film from 1924. The film was shot during the Terra Nova expedition during 1910-1913, and was restored and released by the Brittish Film Insitute in 2011, this time with a musical soundtrack. The installation revolves around the ideas of distance as a cause of sites such as the Nothern or Southern poles rendered mythical, although here by a gesture of the hand a material encounter suggests a different perspective and hence another way of reading.