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Work in process
The Method of Loci

Digital video

A CGI-animated structure serves as the set for a story between body, language and space. Shot in first-person character, we are guided across a domestic space, fumbling between and paning across signifiers, inanimate trivials and surfaces in half-furnished rooms. The title are taken from to mnemonic technique Method of Loci (Loci being ”Places” in latin), also called memory palace, that are based upon visualizing memories into a mental spatial form, for example a house, as memorization may be improved by structured a mental journey in an imaginary space. This method was described in De Oratore, written in 55 BCE by Marcus Tullius Cicero, as a technique for remembering the points to be made in a speech. The method are hence linked to the discourse of rethorics, and in a broader perspective linked to early examples of democracy.
Taking the method as a starting point for a suggestive structural staging of mind and body, the question of subjectivity in private space are tackled; subtly breaching the borders of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.