Digital video
Ca 9 min. Loop

Transmit is a film structured by a montage of stock videos and images; majestic landscapes, cars, flowers and marathon runners. What these images have in common, besides being here joined into a narrative reminiscent of the structure of a day, is that they function as commodities unbound of subjectivity. Together with the images, a voice over speaks about his restless night, vacation and his search for a sunset; a narration that have been submitted to and read/recorded by an unknown speech actor through an online service for voice-over productions and advertisment related.

Installation photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen

The similarities between a creator of plots and a trickster is that they both are makers and doers, a good trickster never reveals his secrets and so does not the creator of plots. Although we will not be given their devices, we can study them to get an answer. So as for the time being, I am perhaps just another unknown receiver who never got the trick, or someone who just saw through the plot.

Kim Svensson, 2019