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Kim Svensson

Hello 👋

My name is Kim Svensson, b. 1995 in Sweden. I am a visual artist & enjoy designing websites and identities.

Section 0.1 displays art-related projects, mostly video nowadays. Section 0.3 displays other projects, mostly web-related. "Bio" in 0.4.

Here's my Vimeo

Section 0.1: Projects

Section 0.2: Publications

Section 0.3: Everything

Section 0.4: "Bio"/contact (with CV) + the rest



I'm Week (2021)

Index (Starring John the Radio Presenter) (2020)

Transmit (2019)

Faithful Phantom (2019)

The Infiltrator (2018)

Wishing Well (2017)

Untitled (2017)



Ekipaget (2019)

Tensions / Spänningar (2017)



On websites:

Website for artist Martin White - Big Science.

Designed and built the website for publisher Torpedo. Link!

Ongoing work involving design, identity and development of an online archive & database.

The site was featured on Cargo Collective's "Sites in Use".

Designed the digital booth (a website) for Torpedo on occasion of Printed Matter's Virtual Art Book Fair, 2021.



My artistic practice mainly revolves around video.

I build websites and design other things too.

Currently pursuing a degree in informatics - interaction design.

Email: kimsvensson.studio [at] outlook.com

Click here for CV

On music:

I Dj and produce electronic music by the name Kim Rider. There might be stuff on Soundcloud if lucky: soundcloud.com/djkimrider